Mexico Day 2: Teotihuacan and Meeting Friends

The day started with a coach journey to Teotihuacan, which is a place about 35km outside of Mexico City centre which has been somewhat untouched since the Aztecs were settled there.

We climbed various temples there, as they are one of the few types of structures that are still mostly in tact.

The biggest temple there was the ‘sun temple’, which our guide said was 420 steps high… I don’t think that it was that many, but it was pretty tall!

And then we climbed the ‘moon’ temple just behind the ‘sun’ temple. The views from both were awesome!

And then a short visit in the Teotihuacan museum.

Then lunch! Me and 4 others shared 5 dishes, one of which being a plate full of grasshoppers! Surprisingly not too bad. And we also tried some cactus and some rabbit.

We then went to a workshop where they work with obsidian to make various tools and sculptures. And also, for some reason, had tequila!

We then travelled back towards Mexico City and saw the painting of the Lady of Guadalupe, which was supposedly important to Mexicans because she was both Catholic and wearing a poncho. So we had a look at that painting and also saw some wonky buildings (due to the unstable ground here in Mexico City).

There was a church at the top of the hill near the Lady of Guadalupe painting which had fantastic views of the city!

We came back to the hotel where I met up with Erika, who was a participant with me at the Japan Jamboree, along with one of her friends, Oscar.

We started by going up the Latin American Tower, which was the tallest tower in the americas at one point.

And then past a very colourful ‘palace’, home to many art and theatre productions.

And then some very cheap tacos ($7MX, roughly £0.35) from a place near our hotel which were delicious!

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