And wow, 3.5 weeks have flown by… Whilst I eat my leftover pity pizza from last night I’m reminiscing about travelling to the largest World Scout Jamboree (so far!) with 50,000 other people, being part of the inaugural World Scout Jamboree Band, meeting other people from all over the world, meeting up with some old friends, and having a fantastic (and less-stressful) time in Mexico with 24 other fantastic people.

I hear you thinking “This sounds pretty cool to me. How do I sign-up for the next one?”. Interestingly enough, these fantastic events happen every 4 years and if you’re aged 14 to 17 then you can attend as a participant (see my blog from Japan!). If you’re 18 or over, then you can attend like I did as an International Service Team member. Both are different experiences, but I’d hugely recommend both!

The next Jamboree is taking place in South Korea in 2023 (even if this place doesn’t sound particularly enticing, then please bear-in-mind that the Jamboree site is something non-country-specific and doesn’t feel particularly reminiscent of the country you’re actually in!). If you’re from the UK then periodically check the UK contingent’s website. They usually start recruiting IST members 2 years before the event, and individual counties will start recruiting participants about 2.5 years before.

I can’t recommend the experience enough, and if 4 years is too much to wait, then make sure that you sign up for the World Scout Moot in 2021.

Get in touch with me if you have any questions and get excited for Korea!


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