After arriving in Heathrow, we that were continuing back to Manchester said our goodbyes to those leaving us in Heathrow and we went on to find our next flight.

The finding actually turned out to be harded than first thought. Whilst the flight itself back to Heathrow wasn’t hugely interesting (in fact I slept for most of the 11 hours), it was the flight to Manchester that was a little more interesting. Interesting because it was delayed by more time than there was time to then get a train back to Nottingham… See the following series of images for a comprehensive facial-expression-telling journey through it all.

Quite a progression of greasy-hairness and blood-shot-eyeness to see, right? Well it wasn’t actually all that bad. As it turns out I wasn’t the only one stranded without train transport so me and Beth (someone who was actually part of the Jamboree stage team!) shared a Travel Lodge for a night (courtesy of her dad’s loyalty points) and had a less stressful journey back to Nottingham. And we got late-night pizza to make ourselves feel better.

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