We woke up today to attend ‘Wake Up Shake Up’, which was essentially just a performance of traditional dances from different countries. We then had the opportunity to go around program villages, which included a selection of games and activities — most of which were aimed at helping us make change (the theme of the Moot).

I then had lunch, then headed over to the area for International Day carnival! Before we came to Moot, I asked my area in the UK to bring tea bags, regional chocolate, regional flags, and anything else related to the region. I also asked the contingent management team (CMT) to bring along balls, bibs, and a few other things to put on different activities to do with our region and the rest of the UK. The Scottish — of course — had a ceillidh, the Londoners — of course — had London Underground based activities, and the North East (us) had a big game of Quidditch! The CMT couldn’t find any brooms, so we made do with some plastic fence posts as brooms!

I then had the opportunity to walk through the other continents’ carnival stands. At each stall, there was a selection of food, games, and interesting facts from each country. They were all fantastic, and I think that nearly all contingents from all of the countries had a stall. To name a few that I visited: Costa Rica, Peru, Iceland, UK, Holland, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria, Finland, Jordan, and so, so many more!

On the way back to the camp, me and Ashley noticed that the entrance to the climbing tower was open, so we got some pretty great photos of the site! 

We then came back for nap-and-relax time, then dinner. The shop on site has a virtual currency for spends (aptly called the Moot Krona). We have around 2000MK for the days that we’re at this site. We went shopping for the ingredients for dinner, but it took so long as the program used for tracking the till purchases kept crashing… Hopefully it’s sorted soon!

The night’s activity was an open mic night, which was really good fun!

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