Our patrol was one of the patrols on breakfast duties, so we got up a little earlier than everyone else to prepare and cook.

On the site, there are 5 different villages: Yggdrasill (faith and belief), Eagle (taking risks), Dragon (arts and innovation), Giant (health), and Bull (environment and global warming). This morning, we had Yggdrasill. There was a badge on offer for those that completed 4 different activities in this village, so I: played a game showing uniqueness in people, tried on a turban, collected some water from the perfectly clear lake, and made a paper crane.

I then headed back to grab some lunch, and then a few of us from the tribe went to get some shopping. The tills weren’t working very quickly again, so it took a little while to buy everything. Me and Ashley then both headed off to a UK kit sale where I bought some leftover badges and stickers to swap!

We then headed over to this afternoon’s activity village, Eagle, which was right on the edge of the campsite. There, I: tried on some Viking attire, read some information on the history of Iceland, and made a casted necklace in the shape of Iceland. It looks a bit crap, but it took me ages to make so I’m chuffed with it!

We came to back and made dinner — spaghetti bolognese again (with no complaints)! We then had our (probably) last patrol and tribe leader meetings… We’ll miss our tribe advisor, Villí!

In the evening, we went to see an open talent show. An interesting sign with “NO MORE DESPACITO” made an appearance right in front of the camera, which was perfectly justified.

We finished the night with a foam disco and some Hungarian food (which was just pancakes, but they had a very tasty chocolate and apple filling!).

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