“Day 6 on the Jamboree; Adam stands up and asks what everyone wants written in the blog…”

Today it has been Josh’s birthday, so me, Owen and Catterson (Emily C) made Josh a banner out of old cardboard boxes that said “Happy Birthday Josh”. There were also some balloons and banners with “16” written on them.

After breakfast, we attended an inter-religious ceremony, involving lots of readings from different holy books. Due to the heat, a lot of our unit returned to our site very quickly.

We started preparing for culture day by making: ‘singin’ hinnies’; Northumberland tea; and decorating the site with more British decorations. We also set up a bench to do swaps with other participants.

To enter the site, people had to do a mini hopscotch made out of string. We were visited by many people trying to get an insight into our culture — many of whom didn’t realise that it was perfectly acceptable to dip biscuits into your tea!

Josh received many renditions of ‘Happy Birthday’ because a lot of people saw the cardboard sign that we’d made and wished him a happy birthday.

After I had done my ‘shift’, I walked around the site tasting food and talking to other participants. As the theme for my patrol (Coquet) was ‘The Romans’ (due to living next to Hadrian’s Wall), we had many people asking us if we were Greek. Just to save the explanation through a language barrier, we often went along with being Greek.

Me and Sally were interviewed by ITV News and we later made it onto regional television as well as the ITV website!


Once we had all rested and cooled down, we feasted on a bread-free dinner, complete with coke and ice lollies. We were also accompanied by the lovey Aimée Swann and another Japanese airshow.

After we’d finished dinner, a few of us went to a campfire (hosted by our very own Corey Hogg) and then some of us went for a walk around the unexplored Southern areas of the site.

— by Sal Wilcox and Adam Blakey

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