Today, I woke up at 4:00 to get picked up at 5:30 and to be at Linnet Clough (outside Manchester) for 9:00!!!

We arrived about 10 minutes early, and used this precious time to setup the tents and check in. My name badge read ‘Lord Adam’.

Cameron, Stephen and I were separated into different groups for the weekend in order to give us a chance to meet others. I was group 4.

We began the programme with Joining Instructions and what equipment we would be using. A pen and paper.

We had frequent breaks, with complimentary food and drink; Lunch was great – had cake!

Continued into the afternoon where we had to give a presentation. Scary, especially since I had written my presentation with the use of PowerPoint in mind. Unfortunately, we were in a dining room, so this wasn’t possible. Went well though.

Today we also learnt about radio and print training, teaching us about how to deal with even the most obscure of journalists.

The course ended for day one, we then got changed into a wild west theme for the night. My costume was an insult to all cowboys, globally, however the dancing was quite fun, especially since a visit from a professional dancer had been organised. We learnt dances such as Gay Gordan.

After a rather sweaty experience, we retreated back to a cramped ‘2-man’ tent.

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