Today I woke up at around 7 in order to get a shower, until a man shouted: “You will miss breakfast if you don’t hurry up”.

Of course, priorities kicked in and I was well fed.

After a full English, I returned to have a better-than-average-for-a-scout-camp shower, feeling refreshed now that the stale sweat from the previous night had been washed off.

We began the programme at ‘8:45′, which, by applying the general Scout rule of time, worked out to be precisely 9:57.

Group 4 were assembled, and we were taken into a room to begin our training on TV interviews! Scary, especially since I was the first.

Lunch, again, was fantastic, complete with cake.

After lunch, me, Cameron and Stephan had to plan a presentation about Northumberland and our Jamboree experience so far. It went well, only that it wasn’t quite as good as the others’. But hey, everyone learns from mistakes.

At precisely 14:00 (whilst still applying the general Scouting rule of time) we were almost at an end of our spokesperson training. All that was left was the feedback form. Food was acknowledged and added in the ‘other comments’ section.

Overall, the weekend was great. I now feel a lot more confident in approaching the press and keeping situations under control with:

It’s as easy as ABC.

I met loads of people at the weekend, and since the weekend was dedicated to Jamboree participants only, I met some of the amazing people I would be travelling to Japan with. Some from Manchester, York, Oxford, Peterborough, Cambridgeshireshire and Scotland.

Fantastic opportunity. Would spokesperson again.

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