The day started with a hot (!) shower! That’s something I definitely missed with camping with cold showers, even in the heat…

We then did a short bus tour around the city (to replace the one we missed yesterday). We saw sights such as the Washington Monument, the Capitol Building, the White House, and some of the surrounding area.

We came back to our accommodation and then headed straight back off to see the Baltimore Orioles vs the Toronto Blue Jays in a baseball game. And we all got a free Orioles hat on arrival as well as a hot dog and crisps!

It got up to a toasty 32°C which made the partially metal seats less than confortable to sit on.

As well as about 200 IST, there were 4,000 UK participants in the crowd cheering on the Orioles!

And we even made it into the local news!

Unfortunately the IST had to leave the game prematurely to get back in time for the IST celebration BBQ, but apparently the Orioles (the home team we were supporting) won!

The celebration event was based back at the Catholic University of America, and there was a selection of American games, food, and (long-missed for some) alcoholic drinks!

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