We had our last full gig this mornings, playing at the flagged area down near the reservoir. Kind of a sad concert because of this, but we still had fun and got dancing to some of the rock band’s pieces!

We started loading up the trailer and crates ready for the clean-up after the final show. 😢

The band were stationed at the top of the bottom tier of people ready to throw pre-inflated-inflatable-globes at people when a certain piece of music played.

We were originally supposed to play in the closing ceremony, but risk of lightning postponed the start of the show by 1.5 hours and so we were cut. 🙁

The main part of the show began with the US Black Daggers basejumping team, which did a pretty impressive sky dive from a helicopter.

The stadium was full once more, just like the opening ceremony!

There was a speech by Secretary General of the World Organisation of the Scouting Movement, Ahmad Alhendawi, and Ex-Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon. Both very good speeches!

Then we were greeted with the main entertainment for the evening: Pentatonix!

After a light-suit dance by 5 people in the dark, the firework show began! It was really long and really impressive, featuring 3 separate layers of fireworks, fire, and perfect synchronisation to music!

At times there was so much going on that the smoke from the fireworks actually obscured the view so much that you couldn’t see the show anymore!

And that was a wrap on my official Jamboree experience!

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