Today was an early start: we got up at around 3:30. After loading the bags we got onto the bus. The bus was an interesting one… For a start, the door didn’t close, and the wheelchair lift also didn’t work (making it rather tricky for the Scout in a wheelchair), but the bus got us to the airport all okay ready for our flight at 7:40.

The plane landed at around 12:00, with me seeing very little of the flight (as I was in a deep sleep for most of it!). I did manage to watch an episode of Cosmos, though.

I got my bags okay, then headed to lunch with Leah at a Wetherspoons in their airport (since she had a bus at 15:30 and my flight to Newcastle wasn’t until 18:15).

I spent my time reading a book, trying (and failing) to listen to a particular set of podcasts, and a lot of pointless Facebook scrolling (the type where you don’t need to look at the screen to be satisfied).

I boarded my flight back to Newcastle with lots of new neckerchiefs, a huge range of new friends, an insight into many world cultures, and a dire need to do something like this all over again! I want to thank everyone that has supported and encouraged me before and during this event, especially Whitley Bay Explorer Scouts (for letting me use their website to blog on, and for the use of a tent), the UK continent management team (the team that got all of the UK people to Iceland [and back]), the Scouts that were in my tribe (mainly for putting up with my humour), and a special thanks goes to my mam (with all the help and support with fundraising, and the packing!). Thank you also to those that I have not mentioned.

If you’re reading or have read this blog and would like to hear more, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. You can find me on Facebook here: You can also get in touch with me at [email protected]. International events like the 15th World Scout Moot are honestly life-changing — even if you’re just considering it, then I would hugely suggest that you go for it. See you in 2021 at the 16th World Scout Moot in Ireland!

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