Day 9 — Activity Villages Part 2.5 and Closing Ceremony 

On the site, there are 5 different villages: Yggdrasill (faith and belief), Eagle (taking risks), Dragon (arts and innovation), Giant (health), and Bull (environment and global warming). This morning, we had Dragon, although with the hecticness of leaving camp, we didn’t actually go to today’s activity. However, we did pop into some of the tents in the village yesterday, which involved us playing drums as part of a large group. So this morning was mostly spent packing away our personal tents and belongings.

The closing ceremony was great, although it was then that it became clear that we’re actually going to have to leave this place and all of our friends…

After the closing ceremony, we headed back to the campsite to pack all of the equipment away and say our last goodbyes to some of the members of our patrol.

We got transport back to Reykjavik as a contingent and got settled into a school for the night. There was an event organised by some of the contingents so that we could say our last goodbyes to our friends. 

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