On the site, there are 5 different villages: Yggdrasill (faith and belief), Eagle (taking risks), Dragon (arts and innovation), Giant (health), and Bull (environment and global warming). This morning, our tribe had Bull. For this, I went for a walk to the museum next to the hydroelectric dam, which was extremely interesting! As it turns out, 99% of Iceland’s electricity is produced from geothermal and hydroelectric plants, making it hugely more ‘green’ than the global average. I then came back to the site and had a go in a car that rotates upside-down — I found out that all Icelandics have to use one of these to pass their driving test! It’s essentially a car that is supported by a beam running from the front to the back of the underside of the car, which then spins to show you how much you need to wear your seat-belt in case of an accident!

We then came back for lunch, did some shopping, then headed to the Giant village. The village contained lots of physical activities such as football, an obstacle course, a ‘boxing’ ring, and a bungee run. I had 1 go on pretty much every activity, apart from the obstacle course — on which I had about 10

We then came back for dinner. I had an interesting discussion with one of my friends from Jordan about homosexuality, which is apparently hugely frowned upon there!

We had our final patrol and tribe leaders’ meeting (😢) with our advisor, Villí, and then we headed out to tonight’s main activity: watching Stuðlabandið perform — and they were absolutely excellent! We then headed to a disco for a short while, before I headed back to my tent for some time to write this post and go to sleep!

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