Day 4 — Community Service, Adrenalin Park, and a lot of Wind! 

I was woken up just before 6:00 this morning by a lot of shouting and panic… It turns out that our mess tent was in the middle of blowing away! We managed to grab the tent before it caused any damage, and we also managed to dismantle it without losing any pieces. Just as we had finished, several other mess tents then started to blow away, so the whole camp was woken up to help secure the tents. The well-secured tents were then shared between two or three tribes for cooking for breakfast later in the morning (since some had to be taken down), and also because it was raining for the first time since we arrived in Iceland.

We set off to get a coach to near the local lake, where we did some work on removing a particular type of tree. It was quite cool to be right next to the fault of the North American plate — we could look over the side and see the huge drop down to the bottom! After we finished, we ate lunch, then we had a nap (a lot of these are necessary each day), and then we walked back to the campsite ready to set off to the adrenaline park.

The adrenaline park was amazing — there was an high-up obstacle course, a zip line, a leap of faith, a giant swing, and a few other activities! To make it even better, there was a geothermally-heated river nearby which was too hot to stay in for long periods!

We came back from the adrenaline park, had dinner, then we had a ‘campfire’ (there was no fire!). Each tribe on the camp (there were 9) had to perform some sort of sketch. We were tribe 01, so we were first to go! We had 2 Scottish in our tribe, so they led a huge 420-person céilidh — it worked to a certain extent, but anyone that wasn’t Scottish literally had no idea what they were doing. Still, it was lots of fun! Other tribes ran call-back songs, and others did mini games in front of the audience. It was a great way to end our last night in Thingvellir!

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