Today was the day of our full-day hike, which was unfortunately named Leggjarbrjotur (which means broken legs in English). Our patrol was in charge of preparing the sandwich fillings, but I slept through my alarm so I missed getting up for this!

The weather was — once again — fantastic. We were just hoping for no rain (or broken legs)!

We stopped roughly every 30 minutes on the hike to give plenty of time to get over the rocky terrain. We had some really great views and had the opportunity to chat to others on our hike. The walk was only 9km, but we were faced with quite a few rocks and a lot of changes of altitude.

Have a look at the photo sphere I made:

When we came back from the hike, we sat together and played an interesting card game of Mao, shortly followed by dinner — spaghetti bolognese!

We had more time to chat with others and there was also a meeting for the patrol leaders where we were told the plan for tomorrow. I can’t wait!

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