We arrived at Menntaskólinn við Hamrahlíð (a local high school) where we set up our beds in what can only be described as a 200-man spoon (a very tightly packed hall full of UK Scouts!).

We left at around 19:00 to go into the town centre to get food at an Icelandic café and go for a swim (we had free access to all swimming pools in Reykjavik that evening!).

We then headed at 22:00 to a UK contingent event, which was a Change walk (a walk through Icelandic Botanical Gardens, whilst thinking about something you could change). It was still surprisingly light! It was then followed by FREE food!

We then went to bed at around midnight to engage in what would turn out to be a rather sweaty night…

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  1. Marjorie Hogg

    excellent blog adam, enjoy yourself and take care of yourself, C U soon, love nanna x

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