After very little sleep (and possibly a lot of grumpy words), I went to meet the rest of my patrol (Coquet patrol) so that we could leave for Tokyo Skytree.

Once we got to Skytree, it was huge; I was so surprised that we hadn’t seen it before, elsewhere in the city.

We then did some shopping and had some food around one of the train stations before heading back to the National Youth Centre for Tokyo Live. Tokyo Live wasn’t quite what we expected, so we headed to the Shibuya crossroads instead; the crossroads were just as large and chaotic as they’d lived up to be.

Whilst still in the Shibuya area, me, Lewis and Graham went to a Japanese restaurant which specialised in ramen. We ordered the biggest ramen there was, with sides, and a drink each. Only Graham successfully tackled the ramen, but me and Lewis gave it our best shot.

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