Day 12 — Leaving Jamboree and Heading for Tokyo

After a lovely night’s sleep in a tent, most of the unit were very tired this morning as a lot of people opted to sleep under the stars for a night.

We spent the morning packing up the last tents and bags and then we headed to the coach to take us to Shin-Yamaguchi station — to board the Bullet Train!

Whilst waiting at the station, I met some of my friends that I’d made a training weekend last July. It was great to see them again and I, of course, got a selfie with them!

We soon headed up to the platform, where a Bullet Train came through the centre of the platform — wow! It was so quick!! We soon boarded our train in the 120 seconds that the train stopped for, and then we were off to Tokyo!

2 Thoughts to “Day 12 — Leaving Jamboree and Heading for Tokyo”

  1. Gillian

    Adam, Thank you so much for sharing your adventure, I have loved the blog and your photos bring it all to life. Very moving at times, Well done, you are an inspiration to the youth of today, good luck for the future. Your parents must be so proud of you.

    1. I’m very pleased that you’ve enjoyed it, Gillian! I felt I needed to keep a diary to look back on and I decided to make it public so that family and friends could watch my adventure as it occurred. I feel that the whole Jamboree experience has taught me to follow what I enjoy and to try and make the future of this world better than how it is now.

      I probably should’ve mentioned this on the blog, but the theme for this Jamboree was “WA: A Spirit of Unity”. I’m hoping by visiting this Jamboree, that everyone in the world can feel a little more united, and also that I can be reminded of that each time I look back at these blog posts. 🙂

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