Today’s the day we have to pack up camp…

My patrol (Coquet patrol) woke up early to make breakfast: ham and scrambled egg.

We spent the entire morning packing up equipment, tents and bags ready for them to be transported home. I helped a bit with the packing of ‘the crate’ (a 1m cubed box that is shipped to the UK).

After another mid-afternoon nap, we got ready to leave for the closing ceremony. I carried one of the UK flags again and I led some of the chants whilst we walked.

The actual closing ceremony seemed to drag a little (probably because we were so tired), but it featured various closing speeches, a handover to the hosts of the 24th WSJ and live music from a J-Pop band and a metal band.

By the end of the closing ceremony, we still hadn’t eaten so we made our way up to the plaza where we ate some Japanese ready-meals and Dutch pancakes!

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