Today, it was Joss’ birthday, so I woke up (slightly) early and me and Gavin made Joss some egg and bacon sandwiches.

Today’s activity was supposed to be an 8km nature walk, but very few people actually wanted to do it so we split into 2 groups — some of us went on a nature walk and some of us made a trip into Yamaguchi City (my group).

I have to say, Joss’ experience with Google Maps wasn’t particularly good, but we soon found the train station. There was about an hour before the next train so most of us slept and ate lunch.

The trains were surprisingly chaotic (although, that may have been because we can’t read Japanese) and we ended up getting off the train 2 stations early at Otoshi.

We eventually ended up at Yamaguchi City at around 15:30 and had until 18:00 to be back to the train station. Me and Aidan had a wander around and eventually ended up at a sandwich café, which sold really, really tasty fried shrimp sandwiches and pure mango juice.

As we were leaving, we saw a food festival being setup which had all sorts of odd Japanese things in lots of stalls down the road.

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