In the morning, we split up into patrols and went exploring around the site; it was also Hayden’s birthday.

Aln patrol played some Nordic games; Coquet went to the North end of the site (near the dome) and had a look around some the water activities and the plaza.

We had hot dog and mayonnaise sandwiches along with soy sauce crisps… They were nicer than they sound!

After lunch, we went to the Global Development Village (GDV) and, as a patrol (Coquet), we started with the land-mining activity. Here, we saw Amiee Swann and learnt a little about different explosive devices, some which are designed specifically to injure children in order to deter families from going to war later in life.

Later at the GDV, we went to an activity which was about world water and it showed how the purification process of water differed throughout the world, as well as the different amounts of water which are consumed by individuals in different continents (around 130L for Europeans; 250L for North Americans and 20L for Africans, per person per day.

We then returned to our campsite after being in the 42°C sun (!!!) to cool down.

For dinner, we traded patrols (temporarily!) with the opposite-living Americans, so we had some beef stew with some people that live in Utah.

At the end of dinner, some Japanese Scouts came to our campsite to sing and dance for us; they performed a traditional dance that was created to celebrate the killing of demons.

We then went to bed to get some sleep for the 4:15 wakeup…!


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