We spent around 2 hours at Nara Park feeding the deer, visiting the great Buddha’s temple and looking around a museum.

During the visit, we bumped into many Scouts, not only from Northumberland, but also from Italy, Japan, Belgium, Denmark, Brazil and Chile — all of whom were very welcoming!

The great Buddha’s temple was very large and very grand, measuring 57m x 50m x 49m; inside the temple, there was a statue of Buddha and even his head was 5.3m tall! Also inside the temple, one of the support beams was cut out at the bottom with the same dimensions as one of Buddha’s nostrils; naturally, I decided to try and crawl through it.

In the museum, we were told why all of the statues around Buddha express an angry face; it turns out that is is because they are all Buddha’s body guards and have to be stern with people.


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